Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Hippie Vs Hipster 19th June.

After two weeks of exams and hours devoted to studying and preparation the kids have survived. We thought that they deserved a little Thank you for all their hard work. We all know that given the chance the kids will ditch the pens and pencils and welcome the idea of two hours of music and the chance to party until they are exhausted.

19th of June
R40 for a packet of chips, a cooldrink and a hot dog.

Most if not all of our kids are very much aware of what this Theme is based on if not it's quite simple

 Hipster  - skinny jeans, checked button up shirts, groovey socks and well yeah anything that's considered alternative.

Hippie - The flower child - dare I say classic bell bottoms because I don't think any of our kids would be caught dead in those haha, but good old jeans and a groovy t-shirt or anything they fancy. Nothing says 70's more than tye dye but if not then keep it simple.

The idea is to not stress about what they need to wear it's about being there to enjoy the experience and unwind.