Sunday, 29 March 2015

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

I'll Start off by saying " what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger " and think that several kids will whole heartily agree with that. I'm sure many of you mums and dads, grannies and grandpa's have been eagerly awaiting photo's of our epic adventure into the hills. So here they are and I trust that you have taken the time to find out just how amazing the experience was from your beautiful child, If not I advise you to please take the time to allow them to elaborate on their experience and how they conquered the mystic hills and overcame several challenges along the way that allowed for an experience that I truly believe they will carry close to their hearts for a lifetime.. 

With an early start to the day we were off on our big bus into foreign territory.

Some of the first to arrive at base camp although pretty tired after the days adventures smiles were a plenty dare I say smiles of relief to have finally reached base camp.

Priorities where making a fire, However the first bit of fire was fine to cook maybe three sausages not the required amount so fire number two was made shortly after that.

The MANNE taking a breather.

Resting the feets.

The last to arrive after departing just after 09;00 am we ( we being myself and a few others ) reached base camp just after 16;00 pm that afternoon.

A very satisfied Amiena and a even Prouder Mr Weber.

Fire number two being made.

Juuuuust having a breather.

I think Dana's body language says it all.

After resting for a bit it was time to explore.

whilst some explored others quite liked the idea of chilling out and
chatting about their journey.

Agg Pretty man.

Kyle ensuring everything runs smoothly.

The Gaaals feeling very relaxed.

Our Models getting ready for there Post Hike photoshoot.

 Click Click Click !!!!!

Just another because the first 57 weren't already good enough.

Singe not quite on the same page as Amiena and Hannah.

Super Women herself indulging in a well earned cuppa goodness.

Our very own gentle giant getting comfy for the evening.

What's for dinner.

The Boytjies have a laugh.

prepping dinner.

relaxing whilst  waiting for dinner.

Many questioned why it is a felt it was necessary to bring along a spade.
Let's just say several opted for the spade option of the long drop.

Cheeky Singe getting ready to set up her sleeping area.

Slick Rick indulging in a pre-dinner snack

Taking it all in.

Ella Bella looking for a suitable nesting spot for the night.

Ooi who stole my late night treats ?

Getting ready for story time.

why so serious Skipper

Jake the Snake.

Look at that.

The soon to be Birthday boy.

Saying goodbye to the sun and Hello to the moon.

Shmodel Brown 

Chilling hard.

Kailu where's your blanket Bru.

The three Musketeers.

Not sure what that means Kaitlin

Schoon with what looks like he's got ants in his pants.

I do hope that these photo's have allowed you to get a somewhat feel of our experience. Like I said earlier I believe that the memories made and the solidified friendships will stay near to the kids hearts for a lifetime. A massive thank you to Miss Lyddell for her dedication and never ending thrill seeking adventurous spirit as well as coordinating the entire camp, for the hours spent ensuring that this camp would run as smoothly as possible as well as her continual guidance inside and outside the class. . To Mr Weber for being a truly great human with so much wisdom and kindness to offer and who in such a relatively short space of time has had such a massive impact on the kids and all who have the pleasure of working side by side with such a pleasant, helpful, insightful guy.
To The Great White Surf Store for sponsoring us with hat's, torches and amazing backpacks. To Pam Golding Properties for assisting us with funds to help ensure this experience was made possible and lastly to the kids for creating such a wonderful platform for future leadership camps and just in general being an incredibly diverse yet beautiful group of individuals.