Sunday, 15 March 2015

Another busy week has passed, filled with all sorts of things. We had a wonderful Birthday Assembly were Both Holly and Luca spoke incredibly well and did us proud along with Mikhaila delivering a wonderful poem, The kids were taught about technical drawings and how it's crucial to use a ruler when drawing. I tasked them with drawing  their very own dream house on a nice big A3 piece of paper ( photo's will follow at a later stage). The highlights of the week would be making bacon and egg rolls for the local community as well as our technical drawing lessons. This week we are heading out on our leadership camp which is set to be super fun.

 The Mighty Orange team Cheer Leaders at the Inter-house gala.

Abi and Amiena doing a little shmodeling.

Schoon Flexing.

The Girls serving top Quality Ice-cream.

EJ ensuring that our sound was all sorted for Inter- House Athletics .

Jake showing us his smoke bomb.

Jake lighting his smoke bomb.

Jake's smoke bomb not quite working out.

The victorious Oranges.

The Green team just being.

Socializing whilst we get all the out reach donations sorted.

Something was funny.


The assembly line.

The best looking kids being nothing more than just brilliant.

Getting our bacon and egg rolls packed.



go !

Kids got free stickers from the surf shop.

Group Photos

AY look at this guy.

Little Robbie taking a Breather from all the Funtivities.

Some of our art work being displayed in the passage (Please go and have a look if you have a second)

The Mighty Fundraising Portfolio  (Luca, Holly, Kaitlin just missing Mikhaila ) with some support from Manoa, Little Ella Bella, Hannah and Sarah.

As you can see we had quite a fun filled week, 

Robbie with his Beautiful wooden Clock.

Mikhaila with the clock her group built.

Hannah with what I think is a neck warmer of some sorts that she hand made.

Charntley's mini Zen Garden.

Showing it off, Like she rightly should.

Kai's clock

Kailu getting creative.

A map of Kommetjie after our Hike up to the block house a few weeks ago.

Tyrese wearing his neck warmer finishing off his drawing

The ou vrou tannies just somma conversing.

Jake looking rather dismal after he found out his water feature had a lekker hole in the bottom.

The Big Zen Garden builders.

Kyle building his post box.

As you can see all the kids are incredibly talented and that we have got a wonderful classroom atmosphere going.

Have a wonderful week mums and Dads